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Home to the perfect feeding time companion! The Booby Buddy Nursing Necklace was made especially for entertaining babies while breastfeeding. We also carry a selection night lights and toddler sibling necklaces!

Read below for detailed information, or click on the side bar for instant access to the shopping catalog.

Nursing Necklaces

nursing baby with necklace Easily distracted feeder? Scratcher, grabber or pincher? Does this sound like your baby? Then you have found your lifesaver! Booby Buddy Nursing Necklaces are cute and colorful. They're GREAT for the nursing baby!

A nursing necklace is WORN BY MOM while she breastfeeds her baby. Her baby is able to look , touch and play with the necklace. It is made to stimulate & occupy your baby while they are feeding. This helps keep them focused, minimizing distractions that cause pulling away and other common difficulties while breastfeeding. Our nursing necklace is a perfect distraction! You will get a longer and better quality nursing session.

nursing necklace I can custom make you a necklace in any color scheme, different shapes and animal beads. It can even be personalized with your baby's name or other wording at no extra cost. Please click on the custom necklace link. There you will be able to find a link to see all your bead choices!

The necklace is great for colour, shape, letter and animal identification. The beads are made of non-toxic plastic and are strung on a strong hemp cord 30 inches long to ensure that it will not break. Each necklace has a plastic SAFETY CLASP for easy opening. It is unique to Booby Buddy Baby! The clasp pops apart easily and goes back together just the same. It is built to stand the test of time!

nursing necklace in action The Booby Buddy Nursing Necklace is the PERFECT gift for the expectant, nursing or bottle feeding mother!

reminder bracelet With each necklace order you will receive a FREE bracelet. For nursing moms, wear it on the side you are next to nurse on as a reminder. Bottle feeding moms, it's just a nice gift for you!

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**Please don't leave your baby unattended with the necklace. A necklace and its components pose as risk for choking and strangulation. Proper supervision is always required. When necklace is not being used please keep it out of reach from baby. **

Toddler Necklaces

toddler necklace Does your baby have a jealous older sibbling? Then our selection of toddler necklaces will make a great gift for them too. It can be customized in the same manner as the nursing necklaces. Available in the sames styles as the nursing necklaces. Perfect for the older nursling as well!

Little Tid Bits of information:

Nursing Necklaces by Booby Buddy are a guranteed favorite for your baby! Our contrasting colors and large beads are great for infants developing eyesight. The nursing necklace will go beyond the breastfeeding years. It makes a perfect scrapbooks keepsake, a teaching aide (colors, animals, letters) and the perfect dress up accessory!

Do you need a nursing necklace?

If you have a baby and are breastfeeding then YES! Many moms give up on breastfeeding early due to a common complaint..distracted baby! This means baby pulls at clothing, scratches your arm and chest and twiddles with things. The solution is the Booby Buddy nursing necklace. Baby will now be able to play with the necklace instead of you!

Why a Booby Buddy Nursing Necklace?

Our necklace is perfectly safe! We took EVERY precaution when designing it. Using only non-toxic plastic beads - No wood beads that may chip or splinter, no glass beads that may crack and chip, no sharp edged beads (sunburst, diamond shaped). Wax lined strong cotton cording that can get wet - No smelly, frayed hemp. No thin, sharp thread like string. No stretched out leather or linen. Outstanding safety clasp that is built to LAST- no pop apart bead that wears too fast and eventually won't close. No magnetic clasp that comes apart easily.

Personalize your very own nursing necklace. Create a fun phrase like "nipple shark" or simply add your baby's name. No extra cost for this feature, use as many letters as you like!

Nursing Necklaces are a new product but they are catching on fast. Our nursing necklaces are now being sold in retails stores in Canada. Other names for nursing necklaces are: breastfeeding beads, nursing beads, breastfeeding necklaces.

We now deliver to our friends in the United Kingdom
Delivery to the United Kingdom

Gift Certificates are now available for online ordering and redemption! Makes a great gift idea for the new or expecting mother.

Booby Buddy Baby has changed the nursing necklace cording! See the What's new page for more details!


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